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My name is Laura and I'm passionate about helping people optimize their lives in every area, and to take inspired action towards their greatest dreams and goals, even if life hasn't been so easy.

Why I do this work

I believe in resilience, and that adversity can strengthen us.

I enjoy empowering people to achieve peak performance and to cultivate joy through recognizing and owning their power and strength.

I love helping people to thrive in recovery after a mental health diagnosis, chronic physical illness, or other life challenge.

I am honored to do this work and to witness profound transformations every day.

About Laura

I have been practicing as a dually licensed mental health counselor in Colorado since 2008, after graduating with a Master of Arts from the University of Colorado at Denver's Counseling Psychology program, with an emphasis in couple and family therapy.

I love books, hiking, live music, live comedy shows, laser tag, travel, and playing with my border collie / lab mix Ziggy.

I have spent most of my life as a seeker - always searching for the best habits, practices, and mindset that will bring me closer to what Abraham Maslow called Self Actualization.

I believe my purpose on Earth is to hold a mirror up for people so that they can see the strength, beauty, and light within themselves.

I developed this website to motivate and connect with people who want to live their best lives, no matter their past circumstances.

Laura Ferguson, MA, LPC, LMFT

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